Corrupt Walnuts

Our rules!


§1 General

§1.1 Upon entry, you accept these rules automatically.

§1.2 The use of cheats as well as hacks or scripts is forbidden and will be punished with the exclusion.

§1.3 Teamspeak 3, is welcome!

§1.4 decency and good conversational tone with other clan members are self-evident. No one has to love, but at least respect.

§1.5 Each member ensures that the good reputation of the clan is maintained.

§1.6 Membership in a foreign clan is not permitted when joining CW.

§1.7 Racist, radical and vulgar behavior is punished with an exclusion from the clan without warning.  


§2 admission conditions

§2.1 Each member is obliged to register in the Clanforum and to use it regularly.

§2.2 The Clanleitung reserves the right to reject applicants who fulfill these conditions.  


§3 membership

§3.1 Trialmembers undertake to place the Clantag "404" in front of their name within the 6 weeks. Otherwise, admission as a fullmember will be denied and the candidate will be released from the clan.   §3.2 member

§3.2.1 Members have the opportunity to lead and lead teams, as well as to apply for open positions in the clan.

§3.2.2 Some special promotions, such as sweepstakes or tournaments, are reserved for members unless otherwise stated.

§3.2.3 Members enjoy extended rights on our TS3 server and on the homepage / forum. §3.3 Clantag / nickname

§3.3.1 The Clantag is to be carried in the game.

§3.3.2 Removing the clantag is understood as leaving the clan. §3.3.3 The nickname may not contain offensive, offensive, radical or racist names / words. §3.3.4 A renaming is to be reported to the Clanleitung.

§3.3.5 If the renaming is omitted, incorrect entries in our lists will not be reversed.  


§4 Exclusions

§4.1 warnings

§4.1.1 We work with a strike system. Each member can receive a maximum of 3 strikes before being expelled from the clan with immediate effect.

§4.1.2 In particularly severe cases, the system can be bypassed and the member can be excluded directly and possibly banned.

§4.1.3 Promised warnings are documented and expire after 6 months without any new abnormality. If an incident occurs within these six months, the time to expiration is doubled.


§4.2 layoffs

§4.2.1 Layoffs due to previous incidents are pronounced by the leaders. These incidents include, but are not limited to, the 3-time unexhausted absence of a clan meeting, 3 strikes, inactivity, etc.

§4.2.2 A resumption possibility is decided individually on the basis of the present incidents.

§4.2.3 Dismissed members lose all rights and claims.

§4.3 banishment

§4.3.1 A member can be banished in particularly severe cases. If a member has been banned, any resumption is excluded. In addition, all access rights to CW media are eliminated.

§4.3.2 Exiled members may no longer be in the ranks of 404, be it on our servers or in the forum of the clan.


§5 activity / inactivity

§5.1 Clan Meeting

§5.1.1 Every first Sunday of the month at 8 pm the clan meeting takes place, which is obligatory for all members.

§5.1.2 During the clan meeting, the game is prohibited and will be punished with a strike in case of non-compliance.

§5.1.3 The clan meeting can be postponed in special cases. B. by holidays, but this is announced accordingly.


§5.2 activity

§5.2.1 Activity on the Teamspeak several times a week is mandatory.


§5.3 cancellation

§5.3.1 Should a member be absent for more than 7 days, this is to be communicated to the Clanleitung. Inactivity without logging off is punished with a strike.

§5.3.2 The activity regulation concerns the Teamspeak as well as the Clanforum.

§5.3.3 For clan meetings one should unsubscribe if necessary at least 2 days before. In special "emergencies", however, this can also be done at short notice, if justified.


§6 teams

§6.1 Team formation

§6.1.1 Each full member has the possibility to create and manage a ranking team.

§6.1.4 For team pages on homepages, only logos and media provided by the Cl manual may be used.


§6.2 Team management

§6.2.1 Teams are managed by the founder. As support for the administration, this assistant can assist.

§6.2.2 Should there be problems with the leadership in a team, the team leadership for conflict resolution is taken over by an external admin.

§6.2.3 Externally managed teams can not be dissolved or changed by the founder.

§6.2.4 Members of a team must be members of the clan.

§6.2.5 Each member is allowed to be a member of several teams, provided that he does not take over posts there.
§6.2.6 Teams may contain a maximum of 8 members (5 tribe players + 3 substitutes)

§6.3 Team deletion

§6.3.1 The Clanleitung reserves the right to delete inactive teams as well as to remove the server groups and channels on the Teamspeak.
§6.3.2 Deleted teams can be re-established if at least 5 members are involved and the structures in the team are clarified.



§7 homepage

§7.1 Homepage

§7.1.2 Articles and images published by the Clan are the property of the 404 Multigaming n.e.V. Copying and sharing without a source is expressly prohibited and will be prosecuted.

§7.2 Forum

§7.2.1 In the Clanforum there is an obligation to register for each member.
§7.2.2 Non-registered members will be warned and warned in case of renewed failure with a strike.
§7.2.3 The forum and all topics therein is the property of the 404 Multigaming n.e.V. Unauthorized duplication or publications will be punished.
§8 RULE Rupture §8.1.1 A violation of these rules is regarded as a rule break and accordingly cautioned / punished up to the permanent exclusion from the clan or civil legal steps.



§9 Miscellaneous

§9.1 Special regulations

§9.1.1 The Clanleitung reserves the right to change and adapt the rules as and when it sees fit. Changes will be announced immediately and will be valid without a clan meeting.
§9.1.2 Cheat suspicion, game strategies, passwords as well as personal data remain Clanintern and do not concern outsiders!
§9.1.3 All members who have access to admin functions should not use them arbitrarily! All admin activities are logged. Thus, the rights of others are respected, should abuse be proven.
§9.1.4 Disclosure of any data to third parties is prohibited to both the members and the leaders and admins.


Stand 09.09.2018 Subject to change without notice